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This website uses cookies to help us improve services and conduct advertising, promotional, marketing and other activities. If you agree to enable cookies, we may link your browsing history with the information provided by you and use it for analysis.

The Cookie Policy applicable to the website of Tsuzuki Embedded Solutions Co., Ltd. (“we,” “our” or “us”) is as follows:

We use cookies to help us improve services for customers, conduct research about website browsing trends, distribute advertisements on our products and services, and conduct promotional and other activities. A cookie is a mechanism where when you use a website, your use history sent and received between the internet browsing software (browser) and the server as well as the data you entered and other records are stored as a file on your computer. If your browser settings allow you to send and receive cookies, we may collect cookies stored on your computer and link the collected behavior history with your personal data. For the purpose of distributing advertisements on our products and conducting promotional and other activities, we may, as a reference, use cookies stored on your computer through a third party outsourced by us to distribute advertisements or provide other services or through a web page other than our website.

In the browser settings, you can select “Enable cookies,” “Disable cookies,” or “Notify me when cookies are received,” or other settings for sending and receiving cookies. You can also change your settings.

Please understand that once you have selected the setting to disable cookies, you may not be able to receive some services provided by us.