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Corporate Name
Restar Embedded Solutions Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
Restar building, 2-10-9, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
Phone +81-3-3502-2521 (main switchboard)
President and Representative Director: Hirofumi Yanase
Director: Yasushi Kikuchi
Director: Koki Noguchi
Director: Koji Fukuda
Statutory Auditor: Yutaka Yuda
Statutory Auditor: Tatsuichi Naruse
Date of Incorporation

January 9, 2024
Capital Fund
350 million yen
Major Shareholder

Restar Corporation (100%)
178 persons (as of April 2023)
Business Summary
Sales, maintenance and support of ICT products, electronic devices, electronic components and other embedded products; sales of office supplies
Equipment Product Line
Electronic Devices
Microcontrollers, ASIC, system LSI, flash memories, eMMC, FRAM, SRAM, ASSP, development tools, diodes, MOSFET, IGBT modules, power devices, compound semiconductors, optical devices, relays, connectors, keyboards, thermal printers, touch panels, KVM switches, communication modules, switches, volumes, sensors, high frequency devices, fans, batteries, power sources, crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, ferrites, LCD, various printed circuit boards
Software / ASIC / system LSI development / OEM / EMS
Information Equipment
HDD, SSD, SD, PC/servers, CPU boards, printers, scanners, multilayer printed circuit boards, optical communication modules, memory modules
Information equipment customization / technical support / repair services
Computer supplies, PC peripherals, network devices, stationery/office supplies, office furniture, products for environmental safety, production operations, logistics storage, disaster preparedness and nursing care
Main Banks
MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank